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'Well Goddam this is a funky beast!' 'A funky, bluesy sensational swirl of sound' 'Young, hot and in a few years one of Europe's
most important Blues guitarists'
'There is a refreshing focus on quality song-writing,
passionate vocals and solos'
'His soulful voice one part Robert Cray, one part
Joe Bonamassa and one part Chris Cornell'
'Sounds as if he was born with axe in hand'
- Sonic Abuse (UK) - Blues Rock Review (USA) - Roth Hipolsteiner Volkszeitung (D) - Get Ready to Rock Magazine (UK) - Sonic Abuse (UK) - Blues Review Magazine (USA)

'Well goddam this is a funky beast!' - Sonic ABuse

Everybody makes 'a video'. It is simply the expected common practice and because of that the world is now congested with not all, but, a fair multitude of the same standard generic lacklustre. So we didn't want to make 'a video', we wanted to make 'THIS VIDEO'.
Today we can see and hear in fine definition and, it is our choice to either ignore or recognize what surrounds us all. That's what this video is about. That's "MONKEY!"
See it here: Coen Wolters - Monkey

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