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Coen Wolters blends blues-rock and high energy funk with warm soulful elements. Though he himself wouldn’t attach a label, his music can be best described as ‘Groove Rock’!

Coen is a naturally gifted guitar player, singer and songwriter with a unique sound that seamlessly flows from beautifully intense subtleties to fast-moving, hard-hitting blasts of power. Coen has played many popular festivals throughout Europe and in the USA. He composes and produces his own material, including mixing and mastering, and directs and edits his own videos. As a matter of fact, he even builds his own instruments and equipment - that’s from guitars to amps and right down to effect pedals.

Coen picked up his first guitar at the age of 18, and when he did there was no stopping him; he compressed years of learning into months and he developed his own unique individual style that is clearly recognisable today.

“I have always loved soul. I listened to a lot of soul music when I was a kid. Later, I played in bands, mainly hard-rock, we just had fun and played what we knew at the time…
Then one day I walked into a pub and there was a band playing a Hendrix song. Man, I was so blown away, never heard anything like it, a real eye opener. I was totally fascinated. From that moment on, everything fell into place”.

“I have always wanted to do my own thing. For me, my latest album Illumination is a reflection of this journey and the mix of styles I am so passionate about. I always put the groove and the song before the guitar. That’s how my songs come to life”.

Following the success of Broken Glass and As the Crow Flies, Coen recently released his critically acclaimed album Illumination.

'Well goddam this is a funky beast!' - Sonic ABuse

Everybody makes 'a video'. It is simply the expected common practice and because of that the world is now congested with not all, but, a fair multitude of the same standard generic lacklustre. So we didn't want to make 'a video', we wanted to make 'THIS VIDEO'.
Today we can see and hear in fine definition and, it is our choice to either ignore or recognize what surrounds us all. That's what this video is about. That's "MONKEY!"
See it here: Coen Wolters - Monkey

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